Are you experiencing back pains and shoulder aches that never seem to go away?

Chee Chong working on Global Powerlifting Alliance Powerlifter Chad Wesley Smith in Sydney in 2014
Twain working on Global Powerlifting Alliance Powerlifter Lazlo Mesarov in Sydney in 2014

If you have been to a rehabilitative therapist for such ailments, chances are they might have diagnosed you with tight muscles in the region. Most often, the usual solution would be to do a little massage on the area and stretch it out. This might be followed by suggestions that you go for regular massages.Unfortunately, more often than not, these discomforts just don’t seem to go away, and they keep recurring and accumulating, resulting in negative impacts on your training performance and everyday function. If this scenario seems really familiar to you, maybe it’s time to try a different approach.

Ferocity rehabilitation strongly believes in finding the root cause of the discomforts. We’re not trying to say that massages, foam rolling and stretching are ineffective as they can be effective in helping people manage their chronic pains. However, the effects are often short term. Through a series of manual muscle testing, we can pinpoint accurately which muscles might be lacking in the overall movement system, which leads to overused muscles that cause the aches and pains you and I feel.

Once we have identified the various muscles that might not be working well, we will determine what degree of release work will be required. This can be done via a variety of ways, including Active Release Techniques, which is a treatment method of making muscles that are stiff slide better against each other.

Following this, drills will be assigned to “strengthen” the weak muscles or “innervate” the dormant muscles that are not actively engaged in the movement system. This is done on a high frequency basis that will help you achieve balance in your structure, and concretely rid you of your chronic aches and pains!

If you have had little success with traditional therapy treatments, book your slots with us at the PIT. We are there every Sunday from 1pm-3pm to help all you PITbulls benefit more from your personal training and exercise.