Jordi is the best personal trainer ever!

All the PIT trainers are friendly and Jordi is one of them. He is really dedicated to his clients and has a wide variety of knowledge of training. At the beginning I wanted to lose weight, but after I started training with him, I realized the importance of training done in the correct quality, correct way, with the correct person. During the training, he explains the purpose of each training which helps me understand the ”correct” training and also it makes me motivated. Other than that, he is always checking my condition every time and adjusting the volume of the training accordingly. He also follows up after/before training and gives me advice for daily exercise as well, also encouraging me always so I can really enjoy the training! I really recommend starting the training with Jordi to those who want to start / interested in personal training, especially those who have never trained before and do not like to exercise, the same as me!