They train hard


Nothing is easy. Without work you get nowhere. Your input will affect your output. Talking about be able to lift more, or being able to drop a pants size will get you nowhere. Getting off our a$$es and working it off will get us the results we wish to attain.

Sacrifices have to be made. Your friends spend their Friday nights at the bars, you spend Friday nights lifting bars.

When was the last time you heard an athlete complain that training was too tough? That he wanted to give up? You want greatness? Ask yourself if you are willing to work for it. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy. Of course you don’t go in with unbridled passion and wear yourself out. But you still have to work hard. You still have to put in the hours.

Imagine if you wanted to run a marathon but could only do a run once every two weeks because of your “other commitments”. Do you think you will make it? Do you think you put in enough mileage?

Sure, the people around you will tell you to “live a little”.

But guess what?

By giving up the Friday night drinks, the partying, the late nights etc etc – You’re actually choosing to “live a lot”.

They are responsible people


Discipline is a decision while motivation is about feelings. If you have discipline, you can keep going regardless whether you feel motived or not.

Great athletes stick to their program. They embrace the suck. They grind. There’s no “I don’t know if I am going to train today. I haven’t decided”

They make their training a priority. If you penned it down that you are going to train on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. You stick to it. Their training is their responsibility. And when their teammates expect them to show up, they do. And when a teammate doesn’t show up – Training goes on as scheduled. Even if you have to go at it alone.

Nobody benefits from training except the person training. It is our own responsibility to take charge of our training schedule.

They remain calm

Picture courtesy of the good barbers at The Panic room SG.

Ever seen the guy in the gym that yells and bellows like a hippo even before he touches the bar? Not only is it irritating, it is actually pretty useless and doesn’t improve your performance.

If you let emotions run how you perform, it is only going to go downhill. It’s as simple as that. Stay calm. Breathe. And remember your tasks and processes. Then and only then will you be able to train efficiently.

So stay calm, take control and put in the work, it will all pay off. I guarantee it.