Joining The PIT has been a life-changing experience in every sense of the word.

I started, at the suggestion of a good friend, in early 2016. At the time I weighed 142kgs and thanks to a sedentary job and poor lifestyle choices, had lost the strength and any conditioning I might have once had. Unlike other gyms, Ving and the guys never promised a “quick fix”: instead, by focussing on consistency and advising on making small adjustments, they turned training into a sustainable part of my day that I cannot currently live without. You bring the discipline and they bring everything else. I’ve been going for six years now – consistently! – have lost nearly 40kgs in the process and am stronger and fitter than I have been for more than 20 years – if not ever. It’s also not just the “training” and weight loss: their experience and technical know-how means they know how to train you to recover from, and improve, on injuries that we all acquire at some point in our lives. Their skill genuinely never ceases to amaze me after all this time. What’s more: the PIT is a REAL community – the trainers are nice guys who take their jobs seriously, but not themselves. The gym is a diverse place full of people from all walks of life, and I have made some lifelong friends in the process. This is not the place that makes you feel bad about yourself to try to keep you coming back – it’s one that builds you up, in every sense of the word, from the ground up.” PS: Ving is the best trainer in the world but a massive asshole if he hasn’t had his morning coffee.