The Road to GPA worlds Bench Comp 2015

In February 2015, I decided that I wanted to compete in the Global Powerlifting Alliance World Championship. I had let myself go after winning my last meet in September 2014 and gained about 8 kilos from well, being lazy and eating like a pig through the festive holidays (I am the last person you would hear use […]

3 Traits of successful athletes

They train hard Nothing is easy. Without work you get nowhere. Your input will affect your output. Talking about be able to lift more, or being able to drop a pants size will get you nowhere. Getting off our a$$es and working it off will get us the results we wish to attain. Sacrifices have […]

Understanding the standing front press

The standing front press is basically pushing a barbell over your head. It requires you to move the bar from the top of your chest to the overhead position. No half reps. Full range of motion from top of chest to overhead position, and no jerking the weight up with your legs. It is one of […]

Functional training and “entertrainment”.

In recent years, the term “functional training” has been tossed around in the personal training industry like pizza dough. But what is it really? Is it to mimic movements in sport? Or show how well you can perform challenging stunts on a Swiss ball? Let’s first define function: “To work or operate in a proper […]

The 7 most common mistakes at the gym.

In the past 15 years in the industry as a personal trainer, I have seen people sign up for gym memberships and fitness programs only to fall off the bandwagon because they don’t see the benefits of working out. Here are the most common training mistakes I’ve noticed and why they should be avoided – […]

Mobility and its importance.

I recently saw­­ a very cool pic someone had posted on Facebook of a girl in a Yoga pose. Behind this girl was a neon sign cleverly positioned around the shape of the girl, which read: “I bend, so I don’t break”. Mobility and strength have a very strong correlation. In simple terms, if you […]

Benefits of Barbell Training.

If you have been to any decent gym, you would notice that the centre piece of the gym is the barbell squat/power rack. Why? Performance: Maximal Strength The barbell is most efficiently used for maximal strength training. Maximal strength is the maximum amount of strength you can exert without relation to the movement being done. […]

The Core Training Misconception.

Core training has been made popular by the media with pictures of washboard abs and tight midsections. Many personal training programs put a lot of emphasis on ab and back work to strengthen the core. But what is the core really? Firstly, lets take a look at what the core consists of – The abs, […]

Welcome to the PIT Singapore

Welcome to the PITMaster’s blog. With the launch of the new site, we hope to give our fans and readers useful information to help you with your fitness journeys. Stay tuned for updates on our move to the Orchard Road district!