Feng Yi Chew


With a background in sprint kayaking, dragonboat racing and crew, she first came across CrossFit when in college in Ann Arbor, Michigan. All it took was one breathless, sweaty workout, and she was hooked. Feng spent time coaching and training at CrossFit Joust in Ann Arbor, Michigan during her student days, and she also competed in the 2009 CrossFit Games. She returned to Singapore to serve out her military obligations in August 2009. She continued training in CrossFit, largely on her own, and when work sent her to Brisbane, Australia from May to July 2011, she chanced upon CrossFit Brisbane (CFB). She fell in love with the gym, the coaches, and the community, and became a CFB athlete. This experience re-ignited her drive to compete in CrossFit again. In 2012, she came across The PIT and immediately knew that it was a place where she could apply her CFB programming and train in preparation for the CrossFit Games, thanks to the knowledgeable and friendly trainers, welcoming environment and superb equipment. Feng frequently competes in CrossFit competitions, particularly in Australia. Apart from CrossFit, Feng also competes in strongman events, powerlifting, and a myriad of other disciplines that taps on her base of functional athleticism.

Sporting Achievements

  • 2015 Arnold Classics Australia powerlifting competition (U48kg) – 1st, Set 4 world records  (total lift 332.5kg)
  • 2015 NPC Iron games physique competition – Champion
  • 2015 OCB Desert Valley Natural IFPA Pro qualifier (physique) – Champion
  • 2015 OCB Desert Valley Natural IFPA Pro qualifier (bodybuilding) – Champion
  • 2014 SinCity CrossFit Invitationals – 1st
  • 2014 Singapore Powerlifting Alliance (U52 kg category) – 1st (total lift 305 kg)
  • 2014 Women’s Bench Press Rep off (57.5 kg) – 1st (Bench pressed 26 kg for 56 reps in 2 minutes)
  • 2014 Women’s Squat Rep off (57.5 kg) – 1st (Squatted 57.5 kg for 68 reps in 3 minutes)
  • 2014 Schoolyard Meet – Powerlifting Competition (U57 kg category) – 1st (total lift 295kg)
  • 2012 Again Faster & CrossFit Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) Challenge – 3rd
  • 2012 Ranked No.1 in Asia for Crossfit Open
  • 2012 Crossfit Regionals 3rd Place
  • 2011 IPL World Powerlifting, Bench Press, and Deadlift Championships(U56kg) (Las Vegas, NV, USA) – 1st (total lift 307.5 kg)
  • 2011 Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) Challenge – 2nd
  • 2011 CrossFit Northside (Redcliffe, QLD, Australia) Bayside Challenge – 1st
  • 2011 CrossFit King (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) Super Sprint Challenge – 1st
  • 2011 CrossFit Toowoomba (Toowoomba, QLD, Australia) Brass Monkey Challenge – 1st
  • 2009 CrossFit Games Finals (Aromas, CA, USA) – 65th
  • 2009 CrossFit Games Midwest Regionals (Columbus, OH, USA) – 2nd

“I was sold the first moment I stepped into the PIT. Not just because it was a CrossFitter’s dream playground, but because of the enthusiasm and knowledge of the trainers, as well as the community vibe. Training at the PIT has allowed me to work on my approach towards functional fitness from various dimensions — not just hardcore metcons or heavy lifting, but also focusing on lots of mobility, movement, and injury prevention, which will make me a better athlete and improve my game in the long term. I am very thankful for the support the PIT has provided me with and am proud to be a PITBULL Athlete.”

Kon Hui Quek

BJJ Competitor and PITBULL

Kon has been training in various martial arts for over 20 years but it was when he discovered Brazilian Jiu­Jitsu (BJJ) in the mid-2000s that he realised he wanted to dedicate his life to pursuing this art. Since then he has traveled the world to train with the greats in the sport and continues to compete actively.

As part of his accomplishments, he is the first and only Singaporean to become a World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Champion and to medal at the prestigious Pan­-American Championships.

In 2015, Kon also won a gold Medal at the Abu Dhabi World Pro BJJ Championships and got promoted to Black belt by Professor Takeo.

Sporting Achievements

  • 2015 Abu Dhabi World Pro Gold Medal (Brown Belt Masters)
  • 2013 IBJJF Pan­American Jiu­Jitsu Championship Bronze Medal (Brown Belt Masters)

“Although I’ve been in the martial arts for awhile, I’ve never taken a calculated approach to improving my strength and conditioning for it. Since I’ve begun at the PIT, I’ve found that the strength and endurance cross­over benefits are tremendous. And I’m sure my training partners would agree as well. It’s really great that Irving is able to understand the requirements of my sport and translate what we do at the gym on to the mat!”

Harold Ko

BJJ Competitor and PITBULL

Harold started training boxing in 2008, and decided to focus on BJJ after suffering from a detached retina. Always looking to push his own boundaries and stay out of his comfort zone, Harold has competed up to 2 weight classes higher than his normal weight and has won 2 golds across 2 different weight classes.

Although he is always eager to win, he is even more eager to put on a show when he competes and always pushes the pace during his matches, trying his best not to have a dull moment in between.

Harold currently represents ATOS Jiu Jitsu under Rodrigo Caporal, and is proudly sponsored by Klipsch and Iron Lion Soap.

Sporting Achievements

  • 2015 Copa De BKK Under 64kg Blue Belt 1st Place Gold
  • 2015 Southeast Asian Grappling Challenge Under 64kg Blue Belt 1st Place Gold (Close out)
  • 2014 Bull and Tiger Cup Under 64kg Gi Blue Belt 1st Place Gold
  • 2014 Bull and Tiger Cup Under 73kg Nogi Blue Belt 2nd Place Silver
  • 2014 Singapore Grappling Championships Gi under 76kg Men’s Blue Belt 1st Place Gold
  • 2014 WFS National Trials Under 60kg 3rd Place Bronze
  • 2014 Copa De HK Gi Absolute Blue Belt 3rd Place Bronze
  • 2014 Southeast Asian Grappling Challenge III Under 70kg Nogi Advanced 2nd Place Silver
  • 2013 Grappling X San Diego State Championships Under 135lb Adult Men’s Blue Belt 3rd Place Bronze
  • 2013 Singapore Combat Championships Under 65kg Men’s Blue Belt 1st Place Gold
  • 2012 Bangkok Open Under 61.5kg Nogi Men’s Intermediate 1st Place Gold
  • 2012 Bangkok Open Under 64kg Gi Men’s Blue Belt 1st Place Gold
  • 2012 Cup Of Friendship Under 70kg Gi Men’s Blue Belt 1st Place Gold
  • 2012 Cup Of Friendship Under 64kg Gi Men’s Blue Belt 1st Place Gold
  • 2012 Pan Asian Jiu Jitsu Championships Under 64 kg Gi Men’s Blue Belt 2nd Place Silver
  • 2012 Cup of Friendship Under 64kg Nogi Men’s Blue Belt 2nd Place Silver
  • 2012 WFS Invitational Trials Under 55kg 3rd Place Bronze
  • 2012 Pan Pacific Jiu Jitsu Championships Under 64kg Gi Men’s Blue Belt Semi Finalist
  • 2012 World Pro Jiu Jitsu Trials Hong Kong Under 65kg Men’s Blue Belt 3rd Place Bronze
  • 2012 Copa De Hong Kong Under 65kg Men’s Blue Belt 1st Place Gold
  • 2011 Thailand Open Under 64kg Gi Men’s White Belt 1st Place Gold
  • 2011 Thailand Open Under 64kg Nogi Men’s Novice 1st Place Gold
  • 2011 Pan Asian Jiu Jitsu Championships Under 64 kg Gi Men’s White Belt 1st Place Gold
  • 2011 Blue Belt under Professor Rodrigo Praxedes
  • 2011 Pan Asian Jiu Jitsu Championships Under 64 kg Nogi Men’s White Belt 2nd Place Silver
  • 2011 Impact Mini Competition Under 65kg Gi Men’s White Belt 2nd Place Silver
  • 2011 Copa De Macao Under 64kg Men’s White Belt 2nd Place Silver
  • 2011 WFS Invitational Trials Under 60 kg 3rd Place Bronze
  • 2011 EMAC White/Blue Belt Festival, Thailand Under 64kg Men’s White Belt 3rd Place Bronze
  • 2011 United Jiu Jitsu Asia Cup Under 64kg Men’s White Belt 3rd Place Bronze

“Training under Irving at the PIT has taught me so much, and has improved my strength a great deal. Despite how busy it can get on the nights (especially Wednesdays – sometimes up to 20 students!), Irving is still able to divide his time and knowledge amongst each and everyone and still fit in time to make it fun. I have always believed that hard work will always net you results, and that’s one of the reasons why I like the PIT so much. Training is straight up, with no bullshit: if you want to improve you got to put in the effort, so don’t make any excuses if you don’t want to put in the work. Not only has the training made me stronger, it has also helped prevent injuries and made me aware of the importance of mobility and stretching. I have yet to bring anyone to the PIT who has not left satisfied.”

Alexsandro Machado

BJJ Black Belt, MMA fighter and PITBULL

Alexsandro “Leke” Machado is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Ricardo Vieira. He has trained many black belt BJJ and MMA fighters at the famous Fight Zone Academy in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. In 2010, “Leke” was invited to Singapore, where he is currently teaching BJJ at IMPACT MMA. Alexsandro Machado is also famous for being one of the success stories to have come out of the VB (Vieira Brothers) social project led by Ricardo and Leonardo Vieira.

Sporting Achievements

  • Professional MMA Fight Record 6-1
  • Scandinavian Open Silver Medallist (2007 absolute division)
  • Scandinavian Open Champion (2007 brown belt)
  • Rio State Championship Silver Medallist (2009)

“The training at the PIT is hardcore. Irving pushes me to my limits and made me think of the tough training I had in Brazil. This reminded me of my humble beginning in the tough streets of the Rio favelas. Knowing where I have come from, I am always hungry and welcome tough training because I know it will only make me better. This training will prepare me well for my future Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fights. Thank you, PIT.”

Ahmed Zareh

Amateur MMA Fighter and PITBull

Ahmed began his martial arts journey in Karate at the age of 9, but grew frustrated with its rigidity and ritualism. He rediscovered martial arts in 2008 through Muay Thai and BJJ, and swiftly grew addicted to these organic and realistic art forms. Muay Thai became an integral part of his daily life ever since.

Upon moving from New York to Singapore in 2011 to advance his career in Architecture, he was surprised and frustrated with the lack of competition opportunities and widespread, outdated training methods. He transitioned to training and competing in BJJ, winning a silver medal in international competition after only 3 months of training.

Finally, after two years of balancing his passion and his profession, Ahmed took a leap of faith and quit his job to pursue a dream. He began to train full-time and to compete in amateur Muay Thai and MMA events. He now balances his own design and branding practice and a full daily training schedule while teaching and training at Trifecta Martial Arts.

Sporting Achievements


  • 2-1 (Amateur) – 2TKOs



  • Southeast Asian Grappling Championships – Silver Medal (76kg, Gi)*
  • Southeast Asian Grappling Championships – Gold Medal (76kg, No-gi)


  • Singapore Combat Championships – Gold Medal (76kg, Gi)


  • Bangkok Open – Silver Medal (76kg, Gi)
  • Headhunters Challenge – Silver Medal (76kg, Gi)
  • Headhunters Challenge – Gold Medal (74kg, No-gi)

Muay Thai

  • 1-0 (Amateur)

“Training with Irving at the PIT is almost scientific. Irving takes a no-nonsense, methodical approach to training and I have felt the results in my training and competition alike. As a martial artist, I understand the value of technique, and Irving emphasises technique, proper mechanics and a holistic approach to training. Strength is developed not just for strength sake, but to develop stability and range of motion. I have learned so much in my short time with the PIT, and I look forward to having them in my corner for my journey as a competitor, athlete and person.”

Isaac Ong

Full time competitive tennis player and PITBULL

Sporting Achievements

“As a junior ITF player training to turn professional in the Full-Time Tennis Programme sponsored by the Singapore Tennis Association, I believe that the trainers in the PIT are able to strengthen and condition my core muscles which are not only crucial in helping me stay injury free but are also important in pushing every of my matches to a much more competitive level. As every competitive tennis match is both physically demanding and mentally challenging, training in a gym like the PIT will enable me to improve my overall fitness and mental fortitude with better stamina and endurance both on and off court. Having been with the PIT for nearly half a year, I am convinced that my personal trainers, Irving and Andyn can work with me to fulfil my dream of becoming a top 100 ranked professional tennis player in the ATP men’s circuit in the near future.

I would like to improve on every aspect of my tennis game by developing stronger upper body muscles, quicker legs and increase my speed with better movement on court by working out thrice a week in the PIT. I would also want to improve my stability, flexibility and core strength, so that I can anticipate my opponents’ shots and return harder and faster shots with better recovery and quicker reflexes. I believe that my trainer Irving can help me in all these areas, and develop me athletically into a much stronger, speedier and fitter competitive match player on court. I would strongly recommend anyone, being young or old, male or female who would like to get fitter, stronger and lead a healthier lifestyle to join the PIT training, conditioning and strengthening program.”

Nur Izzah Rahman

CROSSFIT & Strongman Athlete and PITBULL

Izzah is an avid practitioner of strength sports ever since she stumbled upon Crossfit in 2010. With a sporting background of floorball and swimming during her school days, most Crossfit movements and lifting of weights are unfamiliar to her. Currently, she is striving to better her powerlifting and Olympic lifting movements, as well as keeping up with metabolic conditioning. She aspires to compete in the Crossfit Games in the future.

Sporting Achievements

  • Singapore Strongman Classic 2014 (Women’s) 1st placing
  • Singapore Powerlifting Alliance 2014 (90+kg category) – 1st placing (total lift 355kg)
  • Singapore Strongman Challenge 2013 (Women’s) 2nd placing
  • Singapore Strongman Challenge 2012 (Women’s) Preliminary Round 1st placing (Missed finals due to injury)

“I am so glad that my friend Feng recommended me to The Pit. The place looks simple with all the essential equipments I need for my training. A nice barbell, unlimited weights, dumb bells, kettlebells, racks, rings, an awesome rig and many strongman implements-its like heaven to me. The trainers are knowledgeable and helpful and now are very good friends of mine as well as their clients whom I got to know whilst training there. Thank you Irving for taking me in. I am proud to be a PITBULL athlete.”

Roy Hobbs

ATP Tennis player and PITBULL

Roy Hobbs is currently playing the number 1 slot for the Singapore National Tennis Team. He is also travelling on the ATP pro circuit as a player. He is currently the only male Singaporean player to be ranked on the ATP world rankings.

Sporting Achievements

  • Playing Number 1 slot for Singapore
  • Winning the Victoria Open (Canada)
  • Playing Maindraw in the ITF Future level tournaments
  • Getting the ATP point
  • Playing tournaments on the ATP Challenger circuit

“The PIT has done a lot for me and my tennis. Not only physically but mentally as well! They have helped me gain confidence in my fitness, and having confidence in my fitness means I’m mentally stronger as well. I feel that I can be out there as long if not longer than all the other players. They train me hard, And the trainers make me feel like family!”

Garrick Seah

MMA Fighter and PITBULL

Garrick is a martial arts instructor at IMPACT MMA. Apart from coaching, Garrick fights MMA in regional shows. Garrick may be small in size. But he is big in heart. Everyone that knows Garrick knows that this little guy packs a punch. And has true grit whenever he trains and of course when he is in the cage.

Sporting Achievements

  • Fight record : 3-0 in amateur MMA fights. 2-1 in amateur Muay Thai
  • Singapore Combat Championship, 2013, Gold (Under 57.5kg)
  • Cup of Friendship BJJ Tournament 2012, Bronze (Gi)
  • Cup of Friendship BJJ Tournament 2012 Gold (No Gi)

“I have been going to the PIT and I can already feel the benefits. I can feel myself getting stronger as well as fitter in terms of cardio. The great thing about the PIT is that it focuses on functional strength, rather than workouts that just make you look good. Another good thing about training at the PIT is the personalized service of the trainers. The personal trainers are able to customise workouts to your specific needs, rather than just asking you to do a generic workout. They are friendly and help to create an environment that feels more like you are training with your friend, rather than training at some large ‘corporate’ gym franchise.

That is not to say that the workouts are easy. I’m constantly challenged during each workout, and the different types of routines help to keep things fresh and interesting. Workouts are based around tried and tested theories and techniques, rather than gimmicks and fads. I never knew that there were so many different ways to ‘torture’ a person, from simple bodyweight exercises to flipping tires. However, no matter how shagged I am after every workout, somehow I always feel a sense of achievement and post-workout euphoria.

Whether you are looking to improve your athletic performance or simply to keep fit, the PIT is definitely the place to go.

Thank you Irving.”

Constantin Denis

Rugby athlete and PITBULL

Constantin Denis is currently playing for Singapore national under 20s team. He was also selected for the National Men’s training squad. At a club level, he is currently playing rugby for Bedok Kings 1st grade. He would like to continue his rugby career in New Zealand where he has already played for a Division 1 men’s club - The Ngongotaha mens Div 1 team.

Sporting Achievements

  • Selected for National Men’s training Squad
  • ARFU U20 Division 3 champion (Singapore U20)

“The PIT has helped me improve all parts of my game (rugby) as well as my fitness level and strength. As a rugby player bulking up is a priority for me, the trainers at the PIT have helped me do this and will continue to push me to reach my full potential in size, strength, speed and fitness at the same time making sure I am not picking up any injuries and training safely. The hospitality that the trainers at the PIT have is amazing, the relationship created with them has been great and they are to me, my elder brothers.”

Team SG Muay Thai Team 2013


Sporting Achievements

“Members of the Singapore Muay Thai National team are selected from over 20 gyms in Singapore to represent the nation. These athletes were already used to hard training spanning from 4 to 6 hours a day, 6 days a week. However, we needed them to get stronger, faster and more explosive in their game. We approached Mr. Irving from The PIT because he had a reputation for being a stellar strength and conditioning coach and the National Team trained once a week under him. He tailored the training to specifically suit their needs, and since then, the National Team has gotten stronger and faster, and more aware of their own bodies and how to utilize it efficiently. We recommend The PIT to any elite athlete who is serious about getting better and stronger or to any fitness aficionado who just wants to move forward.” – Terence Cheah, 2013 President of the Amateur Muay Thai Association Singapore.

Syafiq Bin Abdul Samad

MMA Fighter and PITBULL

Syafiq "The Slasher" Abdul Samad is one of Singapore's top MMA prospect. When he was 14 years old, he was slashed by a group of gangsters which left his left leg and arm badly cut. At 15, he started training in Muay Thai and boxing, made the transition to MMA in 2011 and he has never looked back since. Syafiq has 7 years of experience in boxing and Muay Thai. Before turning pro, he has competed in numerous amateur Muay Thai and boxing tournaments and represented Singapore's Muay Thai and Boxing National Team and was also the first ever Singaporean to win a gold medal in the IFMA Asian Muay Championships 2010 in Uzbekistan. He was also won the best rookie boxer award in that tournament. He made his professional boxing debut in the undercard of the WBA featherweight title match between Chris John vs Chonlatarn Parapinyo at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore winning England's James Goyder by technical knockout in the first round. Syafiq is also a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he teaches martial arts at Juggernaut Fight Club. He is currently focusing his career in professional MMA and has fought in various MMA organisations regionally.

Sporting Achievements

  • 20+ Amateur Boxing and Muay Thai fights

  • Professional Muay Thai Record: 1 (Win) – 1 (Loss)
  • Professional Boxing Record: 1 (Win) – 0 (Loss)
  • Professional MMA record: 4 (Wins) – 1 (Loss)
  • 2014 Gods FC Superfight Champion
  • 2013 First Singaporean to fight and win under Asia’s biggest MMA promotion in Pacific X-treme Combat
  • 2012 Silver Medal at the BJJ Friendship Cup (No Gi)
  • 2012 Bronze Medal at the National Wrestling Trials
  • 2011 Represented National Muay Thai Team, Preliminary Round, Youth -71kg IFMA World Championships
  • 2011 In-House Juggernaut BJJ Tournament 1st place, Gold Medal (Gi)
  • 2011 National Boxing 1st Runner-up (SABA) Open Under 75kg
  • 2011 National Boxing 1st Runner-up (SABA) Open Under 75kg
  • 2011 Naksu Amateur MMA fight winner (Under 81kg)
  • 2011 Represented Singapore National Boxing Team, 1st place, Gold Medal at the Pesta Pulau Pinang I invitational Boxing Championships Under 81kg
  • 2011 Represented Singapore National Boxing Team, 2nd place, Silver medal at the SUKMA, Kedah Invitational Boxing Championships, Under 81kg
  • 2010 National Muay Thai Champion (AMAS) Under 71kg
  • 2010 National Boxing Champion (SABA) Youth Under 69kg
  • 2010 Represented National Muay Thai Team, Gold Medal Youth Under 71kg IFMA Asian Muay Thai Championships
  • Awarded Best Rookie Boxer of the tournament
  • 2009 National Muay Thai Champion (AMAS) Under 71kg
  • 2009 National Muay Thai Champion (AMAS) Under 71kg
  • 2009 National Boxing Champion (SABA) Youth Under 69kg
  • 2009 National Boxing Champion (SABA) Open Under 69kg

A big thank you to Irving for giving me the opportunity to do my Strength & Conditioning at The Pit Singapore and also to my good friend Harold for recommending me. I have always wanted to train at a proper S&C gym due to the proper scientific training that I really need in order to complement my sport and now I finally have been given the chance to do so. When I did my first strength class and MetCon class under my good friend and also instructor Chua Ming Siu, I was so impressed at how Ming conducted the class and I learnt a lot from him just from just the first day of training! The equipments are top notch and no doubt from the knowledge and experience that all the trainers at “The Pit Singapore” posses, I trust them and believe that they are able to push me into being the best fighter and athlete that I can possibly be without a doubt.

Lena Tan

Muay Thai Fighter and PITBull

Lena has been training Muay Thai since 2003 and had her first pro fight in 2007. Her first 2 fights were both up against belt holders - Eileen Forrest (Queensland, Australia 57 Kg Champion) & Nadia Griva (Gold medalist at WAKO Open British Championships - under 55Kg) of which both she lost on points. But every defeat spurs her to train even harder and when the chance came for a rematch with Nadia in 2010 for the Singapore Woman 54kg Title belt and this time around she won by technical knockout.

She never stop learning new skills to help improve her game and pushing her training boundaries even if it means she has to give up her personal time before/after work and spending her weekend training.

Lena currently represents BXG Fitness and is sponsored by Siam Arena Muay Thai gears.

Sporting Achievements

  • Number of Professional Fights: 11

  • Professional Muay Thai Record: 5 (Wins: 3KO) – 3 (Draws) – 3 (Loss)
  • 2014, 2013, 2012, 2010 Represented Singapore IFMA Amateur Muay Thai World Championship
  • 2013-2014 Captain of Team Singapore Muay Thai
  • 2014 Represented Singapore in Asian Beach Games
  • 2011 Cross Border Female 54Kg Title Belt Holder
  • 2010 Singapore Female 54kg Title Belt Holder

Training at The PIT has improved my fight game tremendously. People think about lifting weight, bulking up which might hinder the mobility for a fighter but thats not true at all because training at The PIT focuses on functional training which provided me with a wider range of mobility and increase my stability. This in turn has enable me to train at my fullest potential during my muay thai training. 

Its not just about the training at The PIT, the trainers and other PITBulls in the gym are very encouraging during class, you’ll never feel like the oddball even if its your first day in the class.

Big shout out to Irving for this great opportunity to train at The PIT and Ming Siu for pushing me to be a better athlete.

Mohd Sul

Combative Sports COMPETITOR and Pitbull

Sul is an avid practitioner and competitor in various form of Combative Sports. He has championed in the art of Judo, Sambo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Pencak Silat and Freestyle Wrestling, in regional and international stage. He is 2 nd Degree Black Belt in Judo and Brown belt in BJJ.

One of his many highlights is by making history is the local Wrestling scene. He won and brought back Singapore’s first medal (Silver) from the sport of Wrestling in 2009 Sea Games in Laos.

Sporting Achievements


  • 3 x National Judo Champion (1998, 1999, 2003)
  • 3 x National Age Group Champion (1996, 1997, 1999)
  • National School Judo Champion (1998)
  • National Pesta Sukan Champion (1998)
  • I.V.P Judo Champion (2000)


  • 3 x National Silat Olahraga Champion (1999, 2000, 2001)


  • South East Asia Grappling Bronze Medalist (2007)
  • BJJ International Open Champion (Blue) (2008)
  • Pan Asian BJJ International Silver Medalist (Purple) (2009)


  • South East Asia Combat Sambo Champion – MMA (2008)
  • Singapore International Sports Sambo Champion – Grappling (2007)
  • Asian Sports Sambo Bronze Medalist – Grappling (2009)
  • Asian Combat Sambo Silver Medalist – MMA (2009)
  • World Sport Accord Combat Sambo Participant 2010


  • 2009 Singapore Break Through Athlete
  • 2 x National Trials Wrestling Champion (2009)
  • Team Captain and South East Asia Games Silver Medalist (2009)

“I am always looking to improve and be better everyday. I understood that in order to progress in getting stronger and prevent myself from injuries, I need a proper training programme for my body. I need a team that understands what I do and believes in my goals. My trainer Nifal has been doing a great job and I trust him in doing so. He planned my training progressively with proper techniques and understanding of an exercise. I feel motivated and always looking for my next session!”