It’s been a great start to the new year, and most of us have returned back to work. Apart from fitness goals, many of us have set new year resolutions to do better at work, set new goals for the teams we manage at work and even be better employers or employees. We all try to find that work life balance. But most of the time, work becomes the culprit in being unable to achieve that.

Frequent exercise can actually have many benefits at the workplace, and in taking control of that work-life balance. Here’s how:

Increased health and immunity for employees

This is a no-brainer. It means fewer sick days at work and fewer visits to your doctor. With an improved immunity, you minimize the chances of getting influenza and the common cold. Exercise also reduces your risk for developing various illnesses like type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart disease – all of which can interfere with work productivity. Remember – Wellness, is cheaper than illness.

Weight loss and other aesthetic benefits = Improved self-confidence

Most people wont admit it, but how we feel about ourselves is directly related to how we look. Nobody walks into an important meeting with their client in their worst outfit. “Dress to impress” as they say. Looking and feeling confident are 2 of many factors involved in trying to close that all important deal.


Building a fitness tribe

Working out is contagious, and employees get to get together in a conducive setting, keeping them engaged, motivated and happy. This promotes team-building opportunities. This creates friendly competition – Who can “lift the most weight”, “run the fastest time” or even who can “look the best”. The whole sporting scene in Singapore has picked up over the years, and many organizations have organized events to get people to come together to exercise together at a competitive level – The OCBC Cycle, The Standard Chartered Run, Sundown Marathon, Spartan Race, Singapore Powerlifting Open, Elite Fitness Challenge to name a few. Training together with co-workers help keep everyone encouraging towards each other to achieve goals. This alone teaches camaraderie, teamwork, and generally – how not to be an asshole(And if all this doesn’t help – We’ll gladly drill this particular virtue into your team)


Stress management

Exercise is also a good break from the daily routine of work. A regular exercise routine also helps employees deal better with stress constructively, thus building better relationships with your co-workers and employer. All of this leads to creating a better workplace.

When you exercise, you are also increasing blood flow to the brain, which can help sharpen your awareness and make you more ready to tackle daily challenges. Exercise can also give you more energy, which means you will feel more awake at work. Being on top of your game will ensure that you perform your work correctly and to the best of your ability. Many of our personal training clients come early in the morning at 7am or during their lunch break for this reason.

The average employee in Singapore spends at least 12 hours a day working. Regular exercise will improve moods. Regular exercise has been shown to help curb feelings of anxiety or depression. The brain releases a neurotransmitter called serotonin that helps one feel better and improves their state of mind. This prevents feelings of being burnt out from doing “too much work”.

“I work long hours, and I do feel burnt out,” said the 26-year-old, who has been working for just over a year. “Getting an MC was a convenient option to get some rest.”- Straits Times, Dec 1, 2013


Increased work production

Being hardworking is not something that is in-born. It is cultivated, and requires consistent practice. Employees who take the initiative to keep up a fitness routine tend to be more focused and set higher targets for themselves in their workplace. They strive to be better both physically and financially. Efficient work habits come with proper planning. Likewise, proper planning is essential in training. Basically, having a team of disciplined individuals beats having a team that requires constant motivation; Hands down.


There are many benefits for the workforce when it comes to having a regular exercise regime. But like in most things, we tend to forget these when we are hit with obstacles or when we don’t get where we want with our fitness program.

That’s where we come in. Know that you are in the hands of qualified professionals with a wealth of experience and see how exercise can change your life – In and out of the gym.


“You don’t have to be great to start. But you have to start to be great” – Zig Ziglar.