Starting the New Year right – In the gym and at the workplace

It’s been a great start to the new year, and most of us have returned back to work. Apart from fitness goals, many of us have set new year resolutions to do better at work, set new goals for the teams we manage at work and even be better employers or employees. We all try […]

The Road to GPA worlds Bench Comp 2015

In February 2015, I decided that I wanted to compete in the Global Powerlifting Alliance World Championship. I had let myself go after winning my last meet in September 2014 and gained about 8 kilos from well, being lazy and eating like a pig through the festive holidays (I am the last person you would hear use […]

5 Truths everyone should know

With the birth of the internet, came along the thousands of internet experts in a vast sea of opinionated banter between the uneducated and the inexperienced. The internet warriors who argued about cardio vs lifting weights, then almost 80% of people felt they had take a stance about Crossfit and the thousands of endless debates […]

Ferocity Rehabilitation and what we do at the PIT Singapore

Are you experiencing back pains and shoulder aches that never seem to go away? If you have been to a rehabilitative therapist for such ailments, chances are they might have diagnosed you with tight muscles in the region. Most often, the usual solution would be to do a little massage on the area and stretch […]


Don’t mind the header. I have a perfectly good explanation for the title of this post. Today, after a long day coaching I came home to a pleasant surprise. It was a package from two of my closest friends in the States. On it it said, “Dear Irving, we saw this and thought of you, […]

Strength before Conditioning (part 2)

If no strength, condition what? In the first part of ‘Strength before Conditioning’, PITMaster Ving went through the importance of prioritising strength work before any metabolic conditioning (or met-con for short) style workouts by dispelling some myths about strength training. If you’ve missed part 1, you can read it here. With that, we’ll take a detailed look into strength […]

Strength Before Conditioning

A lot of personal training programs in today’s gyms focus on metabolic conditioning. Everyone wants to have a good sweat when they train. They want to feel exhausted and sore after a session at the gym. They want to feel good that they accomplished something. They want to feel like a badass. That’s all good […]

3 Traits of successful athletes

They train hard Nothing is easy. Without work you get nowhere. Your input will affect your output. Talking about be able to lift more, or being able to drop a pants size will get you nowhere. Getting off our a$$es and working it off will get us the results we wish to attain. Sacrifices have […]

Understanding the standing front press

The standing front press is basically pushing a barbell over your head. It requires you to move the bar from the top of your chest to the overhead position. No half reps. Full range of motion from top of chest to overhead position, and no jerking the weight up with your legs. It is one of […]