The PIT is in the business of making people stronger, fitter and faster.

Unleash the athlete in you.

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All men were created equal. But some of us train hard to be more equal than others.


Definition: Execution or accomplishment of work, acts, or feats.

At the PIT, with the help of our personal trainers and PITMasters, you will learn how to not only execute or accomplish, you will learn how to do it WELL.

Apart from helping athletes perform better, we’ve got a great track record turning everyday people into athletes.



Be better than you were yesterday.


Definition: A person or thing that represents an advance on another in excellence or achievement.

Everyone goes to the gym to get their workouts in. But achieving a goal is important to make sure that you get somewhere with your workouts. We call it training.

The difference between training and working out is STRUCTURE. Working out means you are in the gym to increase activity. Training means you have a plan.

Our personal trainers and PITMasters will draw out a program and guide you every step of the way towards fitness excellence.



Don’t do it till you get it right. Do it till you never get it wrong.


Definition: Way of accomplishing or method of performance.

It starts with your goal. Whether you want to increase your maximal load for lifting, develop agility, or increase strength and endurance, our personal trainers and PITMasters will help refine your technique for optimal results.

Technique is the foundation of proper movement. And when good technique is put in a progressive and properly planned out program, the outcome is GREATNESS.

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